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The Winter War... with dragons ?

I dont think anyone's reading me, but I need to organize my mind and it's always easier "on paper".

My brother just asked me (or, more exactly, I bullied him into asking me) for a fanfic in the Temeraire universe, centering around the finnish Winter War.

For those who know nothing about the Temeraire series, I can only say : Napoleonic Wars. With DRAGONS. Yes. Dragons. It's epic, well-written, and Naomi Novik is a genius, etc etc etc. For people who love both History and Fantasy, those are THE perfect books.

Now I have plenty of ideas for this little fanfic(too much, in fact >.<). I loooove Finland, and especially finnish mythology, who's a bit different from most european mythologies (germanic, celtic and otherwise) - even more nature-centric, for a start.

I think about a young, sweet dragon lady, aka Mielikki, named for the finnish goddess of forest and hunting. And her friends, the brothers Martti et Paavo Hakala (from the finnish movie Talvisota). When the Russians start invading Finland in November 1939, after failed territorial negociations, reservists are called to arms and Mielikki, Martti and Paavo are sent to the front.

I think I will try to follow the movie plot as close as possible when adding dragons to the mix, because I don't want to go all mad on this plot bunny and end up with a 5-books, 30-novellas epic all planned in my head when I should concentrate on my original plots. That's the goal.
Aaaaand I want it to be written before Christmas. WE'LL SEE.

I think I'll write in English, this time. I could use the practice.
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I haven't read this series yet, but you're making me want to.